Episode 13: “JMJR Studio Archives, Vol. 1”

For the Season 2 premiere, we are back on What’s Statenin’ with our old buddy Gem. He’s graciously allowed a couple of music experts to come into the JMJR Studio archives (which he now possesses due to Engineer Jim’s untimely demise) to listen to a few songs, and to discuss a potential compilation of Staten Island music.

Episode 12: “Project Real Talk”

Well, it’s all over! Project Real World, Season One is done, and we are still reeling from the insanity of that finale! For this very special episode of Project Real Talk, Pat was able to sit down with Jake, the creator, director, and star of the show!

Episode 11: “Mike Is Missing”

Upon realizing that Mike should have been back from his business trip to Italy by now, Pad takes to the airwaves to try to track him down. Jim, who was never really mad at Pad, graciously allows him back into JMJR Studios and tries to allay his concerns. Various callers, including Belle Bridges and Det. Gary Family, offer helpful tips regarding Mike’s whereabouts.

Episode 10: “Pad’s Life”

Barred from Jim’s studio and with Mike out of the country, Pad is forced to produce the podcast by himself. He decides to give the listeners a few snapshots of his daily life — everything from cooking breakfast, to napping, to competitive gaming. It’s a touching portrait of an obsessive loner.

Episode 9: “What’s Statenin’?”

Jim is still upset with Mike and Pad for snooping around the master tapes at his studio and playing those Biz Kids songs, so this week he asked his cousin Gem to come up from Staten Island to occupy their studio recording slot.

Never one to waste an opportunity in front of the mic, Gem uses the time to record an episode of his own Staten Island-themed call-in show, “What’s Statenin’?” He takes calls on a wide range of topics including the controversial Community Board vote on the liquor license renewal for the Castleton Cascades, the Staten Island secession movement, the demolition of the Verrezano Bridge, and even takes a call from political hopeful Bill Cropsby!

Episode 8: “Biz Kids”

Engineer Jim was late this week, giving Mike an opportunity to snoop around the old master tapes at JMJR Studios. He discovers three cassettes by “Biz Kids,” a financed-themed child rap group out of early 90s Manhattan. Despite Jim’s complaints, Mike plays all three songs in lieu of a sketch or anything remotely comedic.

Episode 7: “Pad at GamerCon” & “Mike at SocialCon”

A few weeks ago, Pad went to GamerCon2015 to run the GORT booth, to help increase the game’s popularity in America. Hoping for a great story, Mike asked Pad to record some of his social interactions for the show.

Next, Mike plays audio clips from his own experience at the Tri-State Social Coaches Networking Conference in Secaucus, New Jersey (SocialCon2015.) It follows a classic three-act structure and delivers deep emotional payoff, as well as numerous callbacks.

Episode 6: “Police Station”

Episode 6 is what some people are referring to as “the sixth episode of the Project Real World podcast”. A person close to the project’s creators commented that ” there’s this one sketch in it, it’s kinda dark, it’s about these two weird dudes who go to a cemetery for skateboard legends or something, and I think they dig up Tony Hawk’s grave at some point but to be perfectly honest I kinda lost focus halfway into it. Anyway, I’m almost certain it was a  fictional account.” Another critic spoke highly of the show’s other sketch, which according to her was “about a guy who gets kidnapped by the police, and one if the cops is a cannibal and tries to eat him.” When told that the sketch had formerly been an episode of the show’s webseries, the critic stated, “Oh, that makes sense.”

Episode 5: “Advice Hotline”

With Mike away at the Tri-State Social Coaches Networking Conference in Secaucus, New Jersey, Pad is charged with hosting the show all on his own. As per Mike’s prerecorded directives, Pad opens up the phone line to solicit real world social advice on air, from listeners of the show. Native New Yorker LeBrian James and Mike’s “brain coach” Belle Bridges call in with questionable advice which Jim the Producer attempts to dissuade Pad from taking seriously.

Episode 4: “Grocery Store”

In this episode, Mike takes Pad to the Holy Foods grocery store so Pad can buy some real food and not die. After a detour through the cereal aisle, they chat with the store’s “Dairy Expert,” who helps them select a milk. Later, they run into a bit of trouble at checkout, and Pad’s social skills are put to the test. Will they make it out unscathed? Tune in to find out!

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