Episode 3: “Doctor’s Office”

In this episode, Mike takes Pad to see a medical doctor, and we find out some unusual facts about the state of Pad’s health. Later, South Diego’s beloved comedy collective Clam Court makes its PRW debut with Pluto Boys, a laugh-out-loud sketch about two American entrepreneurs whose hunt for fresh plutonium leads them through a lethal and hilarious series of unexpected events.

Meanwhile, in the studio, tensions run high between Mike and Jim, the engineer.

Episode 2: “Comedy Club”

This week’s edition of Project Real World features two great clips! First, Mike takes Pad down to The Giggle Hut, NYC for a lesson on being social from one of today’s hottest stand-up comics. Later, LeBrian James makes his long-awaited return in a HILARIOUS prank call! He and his son, Jim, call up the LEGO customer service line for some help assembling their new LEGO set!

Episode 1: “Pilot”

For the first episode of Project Real World, Mike Legg and Pad take you all the way back to the day that they first met, back when they were still making their hit “reality webseries,” Project Real World! It’s a heart-warming glimpse into the early days of a budding friendship (and New Media empire!)

Pad, a socially-anxious professional video gamer, wanted to be more outgoing. So naturally, he hired the services of the Jake5 Institute for Social Arts. They paired him with Mike Legg, a former insult comedian and newly-minted Social Coach. With Mike’s help, Pad successfully purchased a video game (from an IRL store), and called the power company to get his electricity turned back on.