Episode 9: “What’s Statenin’?”

Jim is still upset with Mike and Pad for snooping around the master tapes at his studio and playing those Biz Kids songs, so this week he asked his cousin Gem to come up from Staten Island to occupy their studio recording slot.

Never one to waste an opportunity in front of the mic, Gem uses the time to record an episode of his own Staten Island-themed call-in show, “What’s Statenin’?” He takes calls on a wide range of topics including the controversial Community Board vote on the liquor license renewal for the Castleton Cascades, the Staten Island secession movement, the demolition of the Verrezano Bridge, and even takes a call from political hopeful Bill Cropsby!

Episode 4: “Grocery Store”

In this episode, Mike takes Pad to the Holy Foods grocery store so Pad can buy some real food and not die. After a detour through the cereal aisle, they chat with the store’s “Dairy Expert,” who helps them select a milk. Later, they run into a bit of trouble at checkout, and Pad’s social skills are put to the test. Will they make it out unscathed? Tune in to find out!

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